Theosophy: Literally Wisdom of the Gods has nothing at all to offer as a belief system, and everything to say about how we can gain accurate spiritual knowledge about the nature of the Self and of life. Faith is derived from a growing spiritual knowledge and depth of understanding about the meaning and purpose of existence on its several levels.

Theosophy is ancient beyond measure and yet it is vibrant and living now in those who study its knowledge and carry out its directions and disciplines. One of the most compelling things about theosophy is that it proves its theories in the laboratory of the self. Even a basic understanding of the Sevenfold nature of the spiritual Self quickly becomes self evident. We develop confidence in our spiritual identity, the path before us, and are able to face the world with a new inner strength and clarity of mind.

The writings on this website provide accurate theosophical knowledge and guidance about what meditation really is and the necessity of practicing it.