After Death Experience – Part 8


After Death Experience Part Eight:

As we cross over from soul world kama loka three into kama loka four and free ourselves from purely personal matters of concern we discover that there is a vast open world stretched out all around us. We are still essentially in kama loka three but now we see its real context and location. We are still involved in the “life review” process involving “bi-location” within “heightened awareness”; now we experience larger open soul worlds where these experiences are taking place.

Our experience on earth takes place on a landscape in a country, perhaps several countries. Our experiences with others also unfolds within the urban-scape with its interiors; houses, apartments, rooms, in buildings on streets and roads. The places where we participated in society and experienced much; in schools, colleges, factories, farms, shops, office buildings, concert halls, hotels, bars and restaurants, perhaps universities, and also hospitals, jails and penitentiaries. Who we were with and where we were, when we were with them, is all an integral part of the life review process in the soul worlds after death.

As we awaken to this larger context and sense of connectedness we experience more of what was around and influencing the people we shared experiences with in life. Many things that were concealed from us or were not registered and understood by us at the time become clear to us. Having transcended crude like and dislike we enter a much more accurate and insightful cognitive experience. Our understanding of our own motives and the motives of others and how our mutual motives and desires combined to form connections in life become clearer to us. People are more or less real to us in the soul worlds based on this mutual understanding and shared attraction.

Those people with whom we shared authentic love and affinity, those spiritual relationships are naturally the most real containing the most depth and energy. We begin to fully understand the true meaning of what for many is a cliche: “Life is relationship”. We begin to see how we have influenced the world through relationships and how the world has influenced us through relationships. We catch glimpses of the tapestry of life, and of how we are all involved in a far greater event than our personal lives and personal relationships. These authentic love relationships and our acts of free creativity and service, our awakening to a greater spiritual life is all we can take with us beyond the grave.

We begin to understand why we had to be born in that particular time in that particular place to that particular family in order to find the right entry point into the fabric and dance of life. Reincarnation is an important appointment on earth with other important people. We again understand something we have always known and repeatedly forgotten: real relationships are not based upon pleasure only, but upon real mutual engagement. Each unique relationship establishes its own reality and its own shared world of experience. A real relationship is filled with love, contradictions and potentials for challenge and deepened understanding.

We may have experienced a disrupted childhood either through adoption, death of one or more parent, divorce, or emigrated to a foreign land; still the stream of karmic time holds sway over all of these eventualities and more. What we innately and truly are, within the depths of ourselves, acts as an ‘attractor’ calling up experiences, situations, and relationships. During life we often ask “why me ?” both in the face of tragedy and great good fortune.

As we ascend up out of kama loka three passing over into kama loka four we begin to feel welling up from deep inside the inevitability of who we really are and the nature of the life we have just led and ended in death. This awakening can be called: “the inevitable self I am”. As fear leaves us and we begin to feel a ‘higher love’ as an essential basis for ‘heightened awareness’ we feel gratitude for the way in which our karma and destiny has unfolded leading us always back onto the true path of spiritual emancipation.

This spiritual and heartfelt gratitude is all encompassing, we feel grateful for both the joy and pain we have experienced. Here we fully understand the essential meaning of forgiveness; and how the inability to forgive, the wrong done to us, and what are often imagined wrongs hold us back spiritually. The “why me ?” is answered in the slow dawning realization that our life and destiny is being directed from a deeper higher level of ourselves. The higher self is the real ‘attractor’ and director of our destiny.

The mind is a dual principle in living human beings and remains so during the first three stages of kama loka and the early stages of kama loka four, but as the influence of emotional reactivity wanes the mind principle is returned to its natural unity. Lower mind and higher mind blend into one. We experience a significant increase in I.Q. but this is not experienced as a new revelation or ability, we feel instead as if we are waking up from sleep, from the awareness numbing trance of worldly life.

We are astounded at how completely we forgot our true identity and individuality while we were in the lifetime, that has by now, ended quite a while ago. We may also see, depending upon our stage of spiritual development and karma, how necessary to the greater good that forgetting was. There is always some sadness in the reawakening to ourselves particularly if we were obliged to live in fear and ignorance. When we see that even in the face of these obstacles we still had a good moral compass and tried to live honestly and do the right thing, we also see that the progress made will allow us to reincarnate when the time comes with a stronger awareness of our true identity.

True self remembering deepens and we realize yet again that this life in the soul and spiritual wolds is our real life. The weight of all the fear, worry, suffering and pain of physical life falls away and we feel ourselves again. The soul expands freely and we find our natural awareness space filled with nothing other than our real self presence; “the inevitable self I am”.. There is spiritual passion and joy in this true self presence, grounded in a profound seriousness and awareness of our destiny and purpose. We begin to understand what spiritual immortality really means.

We see that we have a great deal of work to do here in the soul and spiritual worlds, the real significance of the life just lived begins to dawn upon us and we see that the life review must pass through us and into us fully. We have major decisions to make when we have fully internalized and understood the meaning of our life on earth and the ever deepening of our current existence in the soul worlds.

Spiritual immortality is grounded in a strong connection with the higher self and a loyalty to the voice of conscience. In turn this spiritual relationship is grounded in the Logos. To break a spiritual relationship in life is not only a betrayal of the other but also a profound betrayal of the higher self and of all those other people whose lives and destinies are made to suffer delay and regression because of that betrayal.

It is the recognition of this spiritual fact that causes so many cultures and individuals to hold loyalty as the highest good between people. The breaking and betrayal of spiritual relationships introduces disorder and chaos into the proper unfolding of timely karma and must be compensated for in this life, the soul and spiritual worlds and inevitably in future lifetimes.

If we have strong reincarnational spiritual relationships and have achieved merit through them then we can never really be separated, and will meet again in order to accomplish more and greater things.

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