Welcome to New Theosophy Network

By Sharon Ormerod

 Welcome to New Theosophy Network and warm regards to all those who supported and contributed to NTN in the past.  NTN was started in 2008 as an initiative arising from the apparent need to energize the Theosophical movement by presenting the original teachings in a twenty first century way.  NTN was and is intended to be a teaching and learning web site with articles based on truths given out with... Read More

Regarding articles of KMT and future initiatives of NTN.

By Sharon Ormerod

The Sevenfold Spiritual Nature of the Human Being is not a convenient construct invented in order to organize the theories of some recently generated body of psycho-spiritual research and speculation. The spiritual experiences and Initiations that come about as a result of theosophical practice, can be “checked tested and verified” within the context of the great esoteric tradition. – The above quote is from the article Theosophical Experience – by... Read More

Applied Theosophy

By S. Ormerod

The essential vision and message of theosophy was not to fill our heads with information about spirituality, but to effect a change in awareness on a global and  individual level. Theosophists, if they are sincere, work hard at being good “information gatherers” reading as much of the theosophical teachings and writings as they can. Indeed, many try hard to improve how they are in the world by adopting a regular... Read More