Regarding articles of KMT and future initiatives of NTN.

By Sharon Ormerod

The Sevenfold Spiritual Nature of the Human Being is not a convenient construct invented in order to organize the theories of some recently generated body of psycho-spiritual research and speculation. The spiritual experiences and Initiations that come about as a result of theosophical practice, can be “checked tested and verified” within the context of the great esoteric tradition. –

The above quote is from the article Theosophical Experience – by KMT.

KMT was the main writer and contributor to New Theosophy Network when it was originally launched in 2008. Although he passed away in 2013, his vision for a new impetus for theosophy and a new form of spiritual realty for the 21st. century remains alive and well.

KMT chose to remain anonymous, as he felt his recent identification bears no significant importance; his intention was for the restatement of theosophical truth, at a critical time in the world.

The dating on the posts will reflect the time in which they were uploaded to the new format and do not reflect when they were actually written.

The editor has kept the articles as originally written, with exception to minor changes in the original blog posts in which he had referred to upcoming articles, etc.. We have added links to original theosophical literature and resources that we feel may be helpful to the reader.

Moving forward with the new format is the next step in development of an active and vibrant presentation of theosophy; a venue for participation as a network of theosophical thought of the future. We will use all the available communication resources available (a website, blogs, social networking technology and publishing) with the expectation of reaching a wide spectrum of people with an ease and immediacy of communication not possible when HPB presented theosophy to the world in 1875 as an existing body of ancient esoteric truths.

We will be publishing new articles on the site as we move forward with our initiative.

Warm regards

S. Ormerod – editor NTN