Steps Across The Bridge

By S. Ormerod

Blavatsky’s Meditation Diagram: Steps across the Bridge. Blavatsky’s Meditation Diagram stands on its own merit as a practical guide to meditation. Our understanding of it can be greatly aided if we have some previous knowledge of the nature of man. The Theosophical tradition describes man as being “sevenfold” and “dual”.  It is said that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm; we are a reflection of the universe. When we... Read More

Wisdom Path Meditation – Part 1


Wisdom Path Meditation: Theosophical Meditation Wisdom Path Jnana Yoga Theosophy is described as Jnana Yoga or Wisdom Path. Spirituality can take many forms and involve many different forms of practice and belief. Theosophy is for people who can think critically or are prepared to learn. You could say ‘no thinking, no theosophy’. But Theosophy isn’t only thinking it is also a practice which involves an extremely intense and effective process... Read More

Wisdom Path Meditation – Part 2


Wisdom Path Meditation Part Two: The essential and primary aim of Meditation is to bring about self realization, enlightenment and liberation; karma permitting. We need to look more closely into the two foundation states of awareness required to begin Wisdom Meditation. The two states we must address first are; Discrimination and Dispassion, Self Realization is impossible without the deliberate awakening and development of these two states. People often think that... Read More

Wisdom Path Meditation – Part 3


Wisdom Path Meditation Part Three: No meaningful progress can be made in Theosophy if we only read about it and do not practice it. If we only read about Theosophy we also run the ever increasing danger of forming profound misconceptions about the significance and meaning of the deeper teachings. Many lifelong readers of Theosophical books are under the illusion that they understand Theosophy and often lead new students astray... Read More

Meditation Practice: The First Form


It is necessary to decide certain fundamental things about the quality of the meditative mind and the nature of meditative practice. When the student Theosophist comes to the need for meditative practice, and this should come as soon as possible, certain definite decisions have to be made about how to proceed. There is a wide array of meditation practices with long historical traditions behind them. Theosophical meditation is Wisdom Path... Read More

The Level Of Spiritual Consciousness Called: “Too Smart For Your Own Good”.


As awareness awakens on ever deeper levels through the practice of Wisdom Path Meditation and “living the life” a very significant stage is reached where the individual must pay the closest attention to their motives and actions. Of course we must always temper our motives with wisdom and our actions with compassion, but in the normal run of life we may have ‘normally selfish’ motives and actions based upon enlightened... Read More