Welcome to New Theosophy Network

By Sharon Ormerod

 Welcome to New Theosophy Network and warm regards to all those who supported and contributed to NTN in the past.  NTN was started in 2008 as an initiative arising from the apparent need to energize the Theosophical movement by presenting the original teachings in a twenty first century way.  NTN was and is intended to be a teaching and learning web site with articles based on truths given out with the original teachings as released by the Masters through HPB.

The message of theosophy has been restated many times, by some of whom have done so with careful skill and every intention of following the original teachings and in turn passing on those basic theosophical tenets to students. These dedicated workers are to be commended for keeping original theosophy alive and well.

Many of us stick to the original teachings and hope to present those teachings in a way that is understandable and applicable to modern day life. Other prominent people in the history of the society, deemed themselves worthy of channeling “new” teachings from those whom they referred to as Masters, adding to and sometimes actually altering the original writings. We acknowledge that these neo-theosophical teachings are out there and many find this path to be worthy of study.

You will find none of those writers referenced here and we are not interested in arguing the differences or the validity of such teachings except to simply state, there are differences. We accept that a number of people are following these lines and this has been part of theosophical history. We welcome theosophists from all backgrounds with a spirit of brotherhood.

We at NTN are focused on a living, working, learning environment based on the original message given out as theosophy. We want theosophy to be the message for the world to grasp; a message of universal brotherhood where all people can find a common connection and a deeper level of study and development. You will find shared posts on our blog which keep the idea of truth, study, unity and brotherhood alive. You can look forward to reading more articles posted to the web site which will add to the initiative started in 2008.

Although the world as we know it is spiraling downward to the grossest of materialism, we must rejoice in the fact that we do have the most outstanding communication opportunities known to man.  A message can be sent, world wide, instantaneously.  It’s a miracle that we now accept as normal. Who knew? Consider the fact that the modern movement was started in lecture halls, newspaper articles, private discussion and study groups; then compare it to the opportunities we have today to reach a world wide audience within seconds.

Welcome to this site and our New Theosophy Network community. Our aim is to learn, teach, connect and appeal to those worthy individuals who are seeking truth.  In a world of confusion, virtual realities,  mass media, scientific hypothesis and discoveries on one hand and powerful political forces and commercial organizations wielding sway over the masses with unethical  and controlling grip, on the other, we need a point of clarity.

best regards

S. Ormerod