After Death Experience – Part 5


In the world of the ‘dead’ where you are more alive than worldly life itself you experience light in a new way; this light is called the Astral Light. Everything is illumined from within and appears to be its own light source. Everything is constantly moving animated by its own life force derived from the light shining out from within it. This light also contains the blueprint or information that makes a thing or life form be what it is.

To the extent that a thing a life form or a being can maintain its form, that form is embedded in its etheric and expressed within its astrality. Everything in the world of the dead is connected to everything else, this is true of every level of life but here in Kama Loka Two the connection is obvious because it is clearly visible. The whole environment and everything in it is in a state of constant swirling surging movement. If you are a fundamentally calm and self possessed being the environment with its things, lifeforms and beings will move in slow steady waves giving you all the time you need to register what is happening and to respond albeit in a purely emotional and characteristic way.

Should it happen that the experience of bi-location and heightened awareness unfolding in the worldly life review is fraught with the tension that comes from empathic experiences which are hard to face then the movement in the Astral Light is escalated and speedy in a disorienting way. Glimpses of significant events and people flash before us only to disappear and be replaced by other equally significant events and people. We feel accused and guilty but we do not know exactly what we have been accused of or why we feel guilty. These elusive flashes are psychic events in their own right and we feel them intensely even as they remain illusive, confusing and disturbing.

If in our worldly life which is now in the process of bi-location review, within heightened awareness, we were an impatient person who refused to listen to others and treated them with contempt, willfully ignoring others and acting in ways which caused unhappiness or harm to innocent people; then the ‘back waves’ of that erroneous behaviour will cause us much distress and disorientation in Kama Loka Two.

The Astral Light will become reddened with streaks of electric black running through it and the event, things, and beings will appear ugly and even menacing. We feel the dread of important evaluations and decisions being made about and for us; in which we have no say or input. Every attempt we make to act or project the concern within us only exacerbates the situation by speeding the movement up even more and increasing our distress and disorientation. The threat level rises. If we had learned how to pray during our worldly life we will probably find ourselves doing that now.

Not too surprisingly we discover that praying actually helps. When we pray we are usually in a calm and thoughtful state addressing a supreme being however we conceive that supreme being, and if we are sincere we have the desire to become a better person. The accumulated spiritual energy of lifelong repeated prayer works like a charm in the world of the dead.

In a lifetime that has been more or less wasted by either indifference to the spiritual or outright hostility towards it; the fail-safe of prayer does not exist and the individual experiences an extremely chaotic Kama Loka or if also lacking common human compassion and decency will simply blackout at death and next see the light of day in their next lifetime having made no real conscious spiritual progress of any kind. Naturally there is the unconscious spiritual progress that derives from the playing out of karma during worldly life.

In contrast an individual may be a positive Agnostic during a worldly life guided by the Golden Rule and discover the after death states as a grand adventure in self discovery.

The Astral Light is a truly wondrous phenomenon in which the most amazing beings and things frequently appear. The very best movie special effects are crude and vulgar depictions of improbabilities by comparison. The hyper-dream-state of the astral light can easily lead the unwary to believe that they have entered a kind of heaven in which every desire and whim is instantly fulfilled. It is possible to deteriorate morally and ethically at this level of the astral light where everything that human beings obsess over takes on life and increased intensity. It is a realm of temptation. The personal astral light at this level in kama loka two is merely a realm of seductive illusion, mingled with emerging truth.

Individual and cultural imaginations are reflected and intensified in the Astral Light. Obviously hatreds and the animosities between nations and peoples are perpetuated in the Astral Light just as effectively as the great cultural and musical accomplishments shine forth filled with soul enrichment and uplifting inspiration.

The Astral Light is one of the lower planes of Akasha in fact it is the second level of Akasha which extends all the way up through the Seven realms into the fountain source of the Logos which transforms Chaos into Cosmos. The Astral Light envelops the Earth and extends out to the Moon and its Nodes. As we slowly awaken to the full extent of ourselves in the world of the dead we become aware that we have entered a realm of existence which is vastly more spacious and varied than the physical world we have left.

Here in the Astral Light: the realm of truth and illusion it is worth reminding ourselves; as stated in Part Four:

In the recapitulation of the periods of ones life it becomes apparent that destined and karmic cycles of time are the foundation of ones enduring identity. During incarnation the physical body and its reality in a physical world acted as a ready source of identity, even as we also experienced a subjective life within that body. Here in Kama Loka that subjective life, now deepened and made completely objective as a being in time, has become the source of self identity.

After Death Experience: Part Five:

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