After Death Experience – Part 6


After Death Experience Part Six:

Like and Dislike; Sympathy and Antipathy; Love and Hate. These are the emotional boundaries within which all other feeling and emotions take place in Kama Loka Three. Consciousness is a polarity of opposites. Any feeling upon which we repeatedly dwell, for a sufficiently long time, becomes indistinguishable from a self evident idea or ‘truth’.Organized religions are particularly apt at generating these unassailable convictions which set the boundaries of sympathy and antipathy in their followers. So too are political ideologies expert in containing and controlling the minds of their supporters. We call this “brain washing” and deplore it but in actuality the critics of any given form of ‘brain washing’ are simply advocating their own version of ‘brain washing’ in place of a version that they dislike.

Anyone who takes the trouble to separate what they really know and can prove, from what they believe or think is true, will have the rather sobering experience of realizing that most of what passes for thought in their minds is merely based on like and dislike. A wise man said “the ideas of which we must be the most suspicious are the ones we like the most”.

In the everyday world our likes and dislikes are constantly met with the likes and dislikes of others. Our favourite ideas and beliefs are challenged at every turn, if we fail to develop a real respect for the likes and dislikes of others and a tolerance towards their beliefs and ideas we become increasingly enclosed within ourselves and become rigid and opinionated. In this way we may develop an over solidified soul body and encounter real problems in the everyday world and in the after death soul worlds.

“Basically you are experiencing “bi-location” being in two places at the same time. This does not seem in anyway unusual or strange to you. There is the living present time re-play of events and relationships from your worldly life and the self presence you are now experiencing in heightened awareness. It is a polarity; these two realities flow into and through each other”.

“There are many instances when you would have reacted differently or done things differently, if you were to do them again. You extend yourself into the worldly replay in order to change it only to discover that this is impossible given that you are no longer incarnated in a physical body. This can cause considerable emotional distress.” After death experience: Part Four.

Solidified personal emotions and rigidly held opinions are the cause of much of the stress and anxiety experienced in the everyday world. All the more so do we suffer in the soul worlds where we are completely unable to hide our true feelings and are called upon to respond instantly to the soul world and beings around us. Control and manipulation become impossible in a world where communication is nonverbal and instantaneous.

Every true fact based thought, even if our understanding of its deeper significance is limited, appears as light filled energy arising from within us. Living thought is a form of illumination which leads into the deeper realms of a free and vibrant mind. This experience occurs as flashes of a higher state of consciousness within a world that is otherwise ruled by the polarities of like and dislike. For a moment you see the limitations of your state of being before becoming fully entranced by emotional reactivity again.

Everything you like and desire appears to you in its most attractive and seductive form; there is an hallucinatory vividness and colourfulness; the people you desire desire you. You feel affirmed and happy that your wishes are coming true. Every sexual fantasy, perhaps denied or repressed during worldly life, and only registered in erotic dreams is realized and experienced. All of this is defined by the limits of your imagination and the strength of your desires.

You become convinced that others see you as you wish to be seen, you have periods of complete ego gratification; every delusion of grandeur is confirmed as credible reality. You are the centre of every drama, the celebrity in the adoring spotlight. Two forces are at play within your soul so that each episode of delusional self aggrandizement and unrestrained egotism is followed by an experience of conflict enmity and violence.

Unrestrained self indulgence leads to chaos in any realm of experience, we can clearly perceive the difference between sexual intimacy as a mutual act of love and treating the object of desire as a mere thing to be used and forgotten. In the absence of an inner connection during the sexual act in the physical it reappears in the after death soul worlds as an empty caricature of an act of intimacy. In the absence of the physical body and its sensations, the soul is weakened by a profound feeling of pointlessness and futility. Just as much as there is the feeling of ‘self love’ so also is there is the feeling of ‘self hate’.

You are experiencing kama loka three within the context of the life review described earlier where you relive every day of your life in ‘heightened awareness’ with the night side or dream world of the ‘unconscious’ included. All of the sympathies and antipathies, likes and dislikes of your previous earth life are writ large and intensified to a degree you almost never experience in the physical body. This experience is of course highly personal and your personal ego is on the line at every turn as you oscillate from like to dislike, love to hate.

Love is hot, expansive and active, whereas hate is cold, contracted and can produce passive isolating depression. In this world we call this “Bipolar Disorder”. Everyone has latent ‘bipolar disorder’ but in a normally well adjusted life where the cycle of waking and sleeping is occurring naturally, and free of chemical imbalance, our psyches make the ongoing adjustment in our sleep.

All mere opinions and misguided strongly held beliefs cause you to appear dimwitted and hostile. Equally detrimental is unfounded disbelief and the refusal to consider fact based knowledge, merely because it threatens some long held hatred. Waves of irrational belligerence emanate from you; you seem intent on murder and become a monstrous being to be avoided. You find yourself raging in a void.

Secretly wishing others dead is one of the truly ugly things indulged in by the respectable and criminal alike. In kama loka three there is blow-back and that means that you get to die in the manner you wished upon each individual you have hated and wished dead. Hatred towards other individuals or groups ensures that you experience them as raging violent demons intent upon your destruction. The violently intensified fear-waves coming from these apparitions are quite simply terror inducing. These are wrathful deities indeed. If you were spiritually backward and challenged enough during life to indulge in this obscene form of ‘secret violent sinning’ you will be helpless in the face of this terror, and overwhelmed by it.

The love of the influences that come from a higher universal life, the deeply felt gratitude for life itself, the genuine love of others for their own sake, the willingness to develop into a better human being of love wisdom and freedom will tear the illusions of kama loka three from your eyes. You will will understand that the repetitious nature of your loves and hates reveal them to be dangerous and limiting illusions. You make a major spiritual break through, and escape the confines of your personal emotional ego.

If the accumulated emotional and empathic energy field of your life, combined with a sufficiently well developed capacity to face the honest truth, fails to give you the clarity you need to break out of the polarity of early kama loka three then something fatal and final will begin to unfold. It is called “the second death”.

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