After Death Experience – Part 7


After Death States Part Seven:

The “second death” is the result of the soul being overwhelmed by feelings of self hate, to the point where it is unable to rise above the polarity of kama loka three and is slowly dissolved in the atmosphere of personal love and hate. This hatred combined with a selfish disregard for others has become a judgment upon the self. Ultimately the fragmented psyche and personal ego disintegrate into their many disparate parts, thus becoming instinct driven ‘elementals’. When justified self esteem which is grounded in moral and ethical worth is lost, so also is all soul buoyancy and energy. The soul slowly lapses into the unending darkness and oblivion of unrelieved self hatred.

We see here the meaning and purpose, held as an essential spiritual duty for thousands of years, of praying for the dead and sending them, not our grief or loss but love. The dead need to be loved, they need to be prayed for in the light of a god of love and forgiveness. In the world of the dead we reap what we have sown in this world with the accumulation of all our thoughts and deeds. Ever has it been thus.

In the absence of any actual worth within the personal soul the Higher Self will let go of it because there is nothing in it that can be integrated into the eternal higher self. Originally, organized religions were devised and promulgated as a fail safe against the ‘second death’.The spiritual life of ancient and classical Egypt took this for granted as does Christianity which in its essential message descends to us from that ancient tree of spiritual wisdom.

The unworthy abandoned astral soul can persist in the soul world for a long time before it is overtaken by self hate, disintegration and oblivion. Theosophy calls this an “astral shell” which can persist for years by drawing energy from the living in this world, and by preying upon beings weaker than itself in kama loka. In its early stages it may be able to acquire energy by appearing at spiritualist seances as the soul of a dearly departed member of the family. It contains the lower level akashic recordings, often garbled, of someones most recent lifetime on earth.

Good people also leave behind some kind of partial astral shell composed of those qualities experiences and energies that failed to integrate into the higher self. It dissolves into the stream of karmic time and any unresolved spiritual issues make their reappearance in the next lifetime as character traits in a new personality. This is the natural order of things. A human being who lives an exemplary life in love, wisdom and freedom leaves no ‘astral shell’ of any kind behind them in kama loka three.

A sensible human being will regularly look at their lives from a moral and ethical perspective in a fearless and honest way. Having understood their real worth as a human soul they will honestly strive to become a better human being. In this way the strength and content of their potential ‘astral shell’ in kama loka three is greatly reduced.

Summoning the dead through seances or other forms of necromancy is one of the worst most destructive things that living human beings can do to other human beings who are in the after death states. It is impossible to summon someones Higher Self but only their ‘astral shell’. By providing the ‘spook’ with additional energy it holds back the natural course of after death events, and intensifies traits that the late individual was unable to integrate into their higher self.

The very act of attempting to summon the dead reveals a criminal disrespect for the being of the deceased. Death is natural, so too is grief and a near unbearable sense of loss. Why should someone we pretend to love be interfered with and called back into a regressive and perverted experience? There are consequences too for the seance attending necromancer when in the fulness of time they find themselves earthbound and trapped in kama loka three.

These ‘astral shells’ can also be occupied by much more powerful vampiric beings in order to deceive the living and bring about their ruination. These more advanced demonic beings can also present themselves to the gullible as ‘spiritual guides’ often channelled through some hapless Trance Channeler. These so called ‘spiritual guides’ are known to spout endless spiritual platitudes to spiritually lazy persons who think they can game the system and avoid the blood sweat and tears of authentic spiritual work.

The ‘astral shell’ once bloated with unnatural energies is driven by an insane personal ego and lust. It is by definition psychopathic in nature and develops a truly insidious cunning in pursuit of its depraved appetites. The existence of these ‘astral shells’ bloated with the energy of the living are the source of all legends about Vampires, and the ‘undead’.

In this writing the term “you” is addressing the fourth principle which is the normal human identity level in this era in the world and exists as a dual principle. At its highest levels it continually seeks accurate knowledge about itself and the world; it wants to know the truth regardless of what that might turn out to be. There is a well founded belief that there are as yet unrealized higher potentials which remain unawakened in the depths of the self. There is also the conviction that life is a learning experience designed to enrich the quality of our awareness and deepen the meaningfulness and affinity of our relationships.

The thinking conscious part of us is also embedded in our instinctive, desire and emotional nature. We show a marked tendency to pursue selfish goals and to indulge our personal desires sometimes with little thought to the ethical meaning of our actions. We feel free to indulge our reactive likes and dislikes as if these constituted absolute justifications in themselves. We act as if we know things that we do not. We feel free to lie and cheat in order to satisfy our desires or fulfil our ego driven ambitions. Many of us harbour hatreds for others and attempt to spread that hatred, but more often cowardice prevents this and we falsely smile into the faces of those we hate, and seek to secretly harm them. We pretend that there is no accountability in this universe; yet all of these things, good and bad, become fully revealed in kama loka three.

The central issue here in kama loka three is “Judgment”. We are judged by our Higher Selves for what we are as human beings; what we have made of ourselves, not by what we know or what we have read about spiritual matters or how well we have succeeded in presenting ourselves as a spiritual person to our friends and society.

The ‘judgement’ is final. Either the human principle ascends into higher worlds of greater spiritual complexity and illumination, having integrated valuable experience and understanding. Or the ‘second death’ occurs and in the end it will be as if they never were.

Kama Loka Three is the crossover stage, the “ring pass not” out of the polarized world of love and hate; which is also the realm of personal desire motivated wish fulfilment, and self serving beliefs and pseudo-thought. The wise human being will prepare themselves during life in this world, for this after-death inevitability.

For long ages ‘second death’ was a relatively rare event, but it has turned into an epidemic during the last century. Kama loka three is now littered with ‘astral shells’ their pernicious soul polluting influence reflected in the Astral Light is having a detrimental effect on the nonspiritual during sleep. The current Zombie craze in this world is a reflection of these ‘astral shells’ which could just as easily be called ‘astral zombies’.

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