After Death Experience – Part 3


From a Theosophical point of view being dead and in the after death states of Kama Loka, the Soul World; isn’t all that different from being alive in this world except of course in a few important respects it is really different.

Once released from the Physical-Etheric complex and the Instinctive Entity we find ourselves in the same world we inhabit when asleep and dreaming. It is a familiar world and we encounter a great deal that is familiar to us.

However we are now in a state more vivid than the most vivid dream we have ever had. So intensely real is Kama Loka the Soul World that we feel as if the life we just left behind was the dream and now we have truly woken up to ourselves and the world for the first time.

This sense of intense awakened selfhood and vividly real environment, is pre-visioned in the indifference that people who have had Near Death Experiences, report about how they feel towards their temporally dead body, and the life conditions attached to it.

The individual is very busy indeed, even with a profound sense of calm and acceptance, awareness freed from the constraints of the physical world is expanding and becoming increasingly engaged in matters of the heart.

The horizon and land/soul-scape is shaped and inhabited by all those events and people who were meaningful during life. The locations events and people with the most meaningfulness are the most vivid. The themes and narratives that shaped the life just lived unfold within the self like a great unfolding memory that is not now a memory but present time reality.

There is the kind of remembered recognition we have in life during “deja vous” except now the sense of “deja vous” is not fleeting, it is sustained as our way of seeing and understanding the events and people with which we are now concerned.

We have awakened to a very deep subtle and nuanced state of awareness which feels completely natural and familiar. At the same time this state of deeply familiar remembered experience, “deja vous”, is shot through or permeated with that state of awareness known as “jamais vous” the feeling of being in familiar surroundings with familiar people but for the very first time. Everything is familiar and everything is completely new. This heightened awareness is one of the central experiences of the soul worlds of Kama Loka.

There is a recurring sense of nostalgia in the true sense of the word which means home sickness, the longing to return to the source, to the beginning. The form this longing takes in Kama Loka is the longing to return to the time and palace of ones last birth on earth.

There wells up from within the experience of having been in the womb, of having been in the soul worlds and at the same time taking on the form and life of the body while it was growing and developing within the womb. While the birth process into the after death state soul world, is taking place, the birth into the last body is being re-experienced within the “heightened awareness” described above.

This experience can be invoked during life and is called “re-birthing”. Being born into the physical or soul worlds is an extremely intense and sometimes traumatizing experience because we are being carried along and moved from one state of being and awareness to another by natural forces beyond our control.

This re-birthing process clears us of all of the soul impediments that may have been acquired by the karmic circumstances and necessity of that birth.We progressively relive and re-experience the previous lifetime as both a series of karmic events and relationships combined with the new life we are now experiencing in a state of “heightened awareness”.

Starting with early childhood and progressing through to seven years old and to puberty around fourteen years old the forces of growth and boundless childhood energy and imagination flow into us.

This process in the soul worlds of Kama Loka may take years and continue unabated long after the flowers have withered on our graves and all but those few who truly loved us, who yet live, have begun to forget that we ever existed.

It is often reported by those who have returned from a near death experience that their whole lives flashed before their inner gaze; that flash is a prevision of the fact that in the after death states our whole lives must be relived and re-viewed down to the tiniest details. With this difference the dreams we had during our sleep as living individuals are now included as part of that memory and reliving.

The unconscious is no longer unconscious.

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