After Death Experience – Part 2


The Rhythm Of Life and Death:

All of life is a pulsating vibrating rhythm. The planets orbit and rotate around the Sun. The Earth in seasonal pattern and alternating speed orbits the Sun and we live in a world of dawn , light, twilight, and the star-filled, dark of night. We awaken we live in the day, grow tired, we sleep and live in the world of dreams and the blessed release of deep liberating dreamless sleep, from which we reawaken restored and made whole again. We are conceived and live in the womb, we are born we live grow mature, then old, and then we die out of this world. All of this is the rhythm of life to which we are given over irrevocably, and we call this the human condition, the reality of our existence

In our day waking lives we are given over to the inescapable and mysterious fact of ourselves in a network of complex relationships with the world of others, and the world where we must strive to survive. We are self existent and yet everywhere we rely on others, and others rely upon us. We exist in the rhythm of time and relationship and are filled with the human experience. If we can find meaning in others and life and live in this world with purpose, we count ourselves more than lucky; we are blessed.

From the very first moment of our individual self awareness, from that moment of self awakening when we discovered the irrevocable fact of our own unique existence, we discovered that the world and the earth had preceded us by a vast stretch of time. That time before us, we have come to understand is thirteen billion years since the birth of the Universe. Hominids of various kinds have been on earth for millions of years and the hominid species from which all of us descend, the Homo sapiens; have been here for at least one hundred and fifty thousand years.

Something of extraordinary significance is going on and each individual is given a part to play in the ever unfolding saga and earth opera of human existence. We are perplexed and mystified by the fact that no matter how clear a vision or notion we may carry about the meaning and significance of our own lives, we are met by the unexpected in a world where many expectations, hopes and dreams are disappointed. Equally we are surprised by joy and the discovery of new and beautiful experiences.

We exist within the rhythm of life and the pr-established patterns of genetic inheritance and cultural traditions. Most of us have children and pass these influences on to future generations. The last few centuries of cultural life particularly in the West have witnessed vast and sweeping changes in all spheres of existence, yet the underlying patterns and rhythms remain. Evolution at a biological level is a gradual affair that makes itself felt in the species rather than the individual. We give significance to individual existence by finding meaning and purpose in the ridiculously brief span of mortal life. Evolution at an individual psycho-spiritual level can be radically influenced by “self induced and self devised methods”.

Throughout the whole of our lives we learn about relationships, the true character of others and the world. As we mature we realize that many things will remain unknown to us when we die; there isn’t enough time in a human life, however long and lucid to learn all there is to know. As our time grows short we try to prepare ourselves for the inescapable fact that we will die.

The first stage of physical death takes three days to complete, from the time we are recognized as dead, and then officially pronounced dead by a doctor and a death certificate is completed and signed.

It takes three days for the physical, energy, and psycho-emotional bodies to separate completely. This process takes place naturally and while it is going on the spiritual individual is experiencing a transition which resembles or mirrors birth in many important respects. For instance the corpse is a kind of placenta. A spiritual individual has gestated and further developed within the threefold physical for a lifetime and has now left that form behind as it emerges into Kama Loka, the soul world.

In the same way that some individuals experience an easy birth process while the mother is experiencing a normal labour and others have an extremely difficult and prolonged struggle out of the womb, so too with death, everyone has a unique experience of these natural processes. The transformation of being and awareness in both cases is profound.

At death, we may simply blackout for three days and only begin to come to ourselves on the other side of the threshold. If you die well you may be surrounded by loving family members and friends, with the accompaniment of a priest of your religion or perhaps less formalized but definite spiritual influences in the room.

If you have a strong awareness of yourself as a spiritual being you will in all probability die consciously with the feeling of embarking upon a great adventure. Of course dying consciously is an extremely passionate and emotional experience which lends you exactly the kind of soul intensity required to sustain and expand your awareness as you let go of the three bodies and enter fully into Kama Loka, the soul worlds.

The age at which you die, and your overall temperament, makes a tremendous difference to how you experience the initial three day letting go period. You may not succeed in letting go fully during the three days and find yourself dealing with attachments of a physical, sexual and emotional nature for a prolonged period in the after death states that follow the three day period.

While we are alive in the physical world our instinctive survival drive and nature is masked most of the time by our social and cultural conditioning. We often catch glimpses of this side of the self in disturbing and sometimes extremely embarrassing dreams. The instinctive entity is inherited from our ancestors and contains all the survival drives and impulses that carried our ancestors through war famine and natural disasters. A healthy instinctive entity is essential to our development as infants and small children. Our natural appetites and desire for physical exercise and play in childhood our capacity for physical coordination and playful competition arise spontaneously from the instinctive entity.

During the early stages of death we experience this entity directly and discover all of the layers of its evolution and struggle for survival. It is no longer contained within the body and appears as a separate entity which is felt to be intimately connected to us. It carries within it the record of our physical ancestors, it is sentient but in no way self consciously aware. It is obsessed with food sex and territory. If we perceive it correctly we can thank our physical ancestors and let go. The instinctive entity has nothing more to contribute to our journey through the soul worlds.

Apart from the release from the three lower bodies and the Instinctive Entity we are very much ourselves in the after death state of Kama Loka the Soul Worlds.

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