What is it that ever is?

October 10, 2019 - By H.P. Blavatsky

The Occult Catechism contains the following questions and answers:

    “What is it that ever is? Space, the eternal Anupadaka.”(1) What is it that ever was? The Germ in the Root. What is it that is ever coming and going? The Great Breath. Then, there are three Eternals? No, the three are one. That which ever is is one, that which ever was is one, that which is ever being and becoming is also one: and this is Space.

    “Explain, oh Lanoo (disciple).  The One is an unbroken Circle (ring) with no circumference, for it is nowhere and everywhere; the One is the boundless plane of the Circle, manifesting a diameter only during the manvantaric periods; the One is the indivisible point found nowhere, perceived everywhere during those periods; it is the Vertical and the Horizontal, the Father and the Mother, the summit and base of the Father, the two extremities of the Mother, reaching in reality nowhere, for the One is the Ring as also the rings that are within that Ring. Light in darkness and darkness in light: the Breath which is eternal. It proceeds from without inwardly, when it is everywhere, and from within outwardly, when it is nowhere  (i.e., maya,(2)one of the centres (3)). It expands and contracts (exhalation and inhalation). When it expands the mother diffuses and scatters; when it contracts, the mother draws back and ingathers. This produces the periods of Evolution and Dissolution, Manwantara and Pralaya. The Germ is invisible and fiery; the Root (the plane of the circle) is cool; but during Evolution and Manwantara her garment is cold and radiant. Hot Breath is the Father who devours the progeny of the many-faced Element (heterogeneous); and leaves the single-faced ones (homogeneous). Cool Breath is the Mother, who conceives, forms, brings forth, and receives them back into her bosom, to reform them at the Dawn (of the Day of Brahmâ, or Manvantara). . . . “

SD, HPB –  proem page 11